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Sharing our Experience to Drive your Success

Being appointed as your director or trustee, we enhance the skills already available in your company to broaden discussions, focus on deliverables and ensure that your company has the best foundation in place to create success.

Sharing Our Experience to Drive Success

Our Company

Independent Directors and Trustees Limited (IDT) is a team of individuals with experience of acting at a senior level across organisations, including as independent directors and trustees.

We work with companies and their advisers at leadership, executive and board level on tailored solutions to ensure a business has an effective governance framework to support its goals, initiatives and drive for success.

Increasingly, governance standards in the UK are being applied to all businesses, no matter what their size or shareholder structure. Such requirements cover all aspects of a business, including director duties, organisational structure, culture, statutory reporting and stakeholder responsibilities.

Our services support businesses in fulfilling these requirements within their business model, as well as working on fresh ways to improve their business plans and strategic thinking. By combining our clients’ sector expertise with our strategic implementation and governance experience, we collaborate to build an organisational structure that benefits the business and all its stakeholders, including its leadership team and employees.

How We Work

Our services are delivered by professionals accustomed to acting at board level and open to sharing their experience both formally and informally as directors and trustees.

Your contract is with IDT, through which you appoint a named director or trustee. Under the same contract you can draw on the expertise and knowledge of the full team, appointing individuals to additional roles or projects. Our team members equally benefit from the shared experience of their colleagues.

IDT Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

We are a professional services firm, not a recruitment firm. You contract with us to provide services that are tailored to your needs so they will evolve to meet your changing requirements.

Our close collaboration with our clients ensures we fully benefit from each other’s knowledge and expertise to achieve the best results. It’s the underlying ethos of our founder, Sue Lawrence. She established IDT to share her knowledge and 35-plus years’ experience of the corporate world and as a trustee and director across wide-ranging businesses to enhance her clients’ existing business expertise.

Our Team

With a wide range of experience at a senior level across a variety of organisations and UK legal entities, our directors and trustees provide an invaluable source of collective knowledge to benefit your business.

Experienced independent trustee on employee ownership and employee benefit trusts, with a particular emphasis on the founder journey pre- and post- transfer to employee ownership.

Drawing on his leadership and Independent director to SME’s supporting business owners with experience in developing and delivering against their company purpose and strategy.

Simon draws on his formal training as a director and chair of boards and committees, as well as his leadership experience in the military and various director appointments, past and present.

Independent trustee to transitioning employee ownership trusts, with a specific emphasis on employee communications, participation and forums, bringing his former experience of acting as an employee trustee to his current roles as an independent.

Independent trustee to existing employee owned companies seeking a successor trustee to their current incumbent.

Experienced chair of trust boards, Ian is also a trained facilitator with a passion for employee participation and engagement built on his appointment as a trustee, and over 10 years in senior roles in John Lewis Partnership.

Independent director on asset holding and transactional vehicles (SPVs), understanding the complexities of the underlying transaction or cashflows with a specific knowledge of real estate related vehicles.

Independent director of UK subsidiary companies, bringing local expertise and existing experience of the fundamentals needed for a UK incorporated legal entity, particularly where the purpose and strategy is set overseas at the parent company.

Lionel has previously acted as a group accountant, risk and company secretary for a large property company, and currently manages a property portfolio alongside his directorships.

Independent trustee to employee owned companies, particularly large or complex organisations, or those who have transitioned to employee ownership a number of years ago and may be seeking a successor trustee. Ann is chair of Ownership at Work, and has been heavily involved in the employee ownership sector for many years, so has both a wealth of knowledge as well as experience in this actively growing sector.

Independent director on asset holding and transactional SPVs, across a range of structures and sectors, including CDOs, CLOs, ABS and others.

Independent director on corporate restructures, including debt restructurings, listed companies and complex inter-company re-organisations.

Independent director to SMEs with a particular emphasis on strategic growth, supporting founders and fellow board members to lead and drive sales.

A serial entrepreneur with a track record of build and sell, Michael brings this experience to the boards he is appointed to.

Independent trustee to transitioning employee ownership and employee benefit trusts, with a particular emphasis on creating a clear differentiation between trustees, boards and employees to underpin the future structure of the company.

Independent director on asset holding and transactional SPVs, with experience of acting on both simple and complex structures, often as part of a multi-jurisdictional portfolio.

Independent director on UK subsidiary companies across a range of sectors, providing local UK resident director services.

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