Case Study

Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) director appointment

UK incorporated SPV set up by a European-based property developer to hold real estate assets during construction phase
UK resident independent director

– How we got involved

Referred by a corporate services firm as an independent director, appointed alongside a non-resident director from the developers, and a representative of the corporate services provider.

Why us?

We understand the nature of SPVs, the underlying transaction drivers, and the nature of large, complex multi-jurisdictional portfolios and have existing experience of property transactions.

We have no conflicts with the originator or their advisers.

We are not aligned to the corporate services provider so are independent of their administrative support services.

How we help

Attending and chairing board meetings to approve construction documents, and ad hoc meetings to approve supplemental agreements with contractors, often at short notice. 

Physical signature of initial and subsequent agreements and contracts with project counterparties.

Who do we work with


Fellow trustees


Tax, financial and legal advisers


Corporate services provider



Annual fees covering director responsibilities and an agreed number of standard board meetings


Ad hoc fees for additional meetings and activities, larger projects require pre-approval from the client

Ad hoc fees based on a day rate + VAT, payable quarterly in arrears of activity, timed to align with transaction cashflows.

What else?

Available to discuss UK company requirements when queries were raised by the client or their advisers.

Countersigned tax and financial reports as a 2nd director, after review of content.

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