Effective governance and the right organisational structure to support business success underpins our range of services at leadership, executive and board level. We offer tailored solutions, so get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.


UK Resident Directors

Incorporating a subsidiary, rep office or branch in the UK requires expertise and experience to enable you to start trading as quickly as possible. Working with your financial and/or legal advisers, we will provide a UK resident director to smooth your set-up process while you focus on the business goals and objectives of your new UK entity.

This service is sector agnostic and can be provided from the first day of incorporation or post set-up. It allows you to focus your UK recruitment on operational staff to build substance, leaving director appointments to be made once the business is stabilised and your initial UK strategic goals have been realised.


NEDs & Independent Directors

Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and independent directors can play a vital role within a business. They bring a wealth of experience from multiple boards and sectors to refresh board discussions and strategic reviews with fresh perspectives and to drive focus and deliverables for near-term benefits and long-term strategic goals.

Whether you are sourcing new third-party investment, integrating acquisitions, aiming to sell your business, or seeing rapid growth, having a robust governance framework and a neutral voice at the table will deliver a strong foundation that supports the aims of your company.


SPV Directors

We are experienced in acting as directors for transaction or asset specific structures, including where the UK legal entity is part of a larger multi-jurisdictional portfolio.

We are able to balance the legal requirements of being a UK appointed director with the purpose of the vehicle, ensuring that it is effective and meets all reporting and other legislative requirements.

We work alongside portfolio managers, investment teams, originators, their advisers, and service providers providing a balanced service that meets the individual needs of clients.

Amongst our team we have hands-on experience of CDOs, CLOs, ABS, real estate, warehousing at all stages of the SPVs life, from incorporation through to liquidation. We recognise the importance of the wider structure, whether it be complex or streamlined, understanding the need for alignment to operational and transactional timetables and deliverables.

As directors, we are able to quickly grasp the underlying purpose and structural advice, ensuring that our input is proportionate to the requirements of the lead parties.


Independent Trustee

Using an independent trustee can guide trustee board discussions so that trustees and the leadership team are aligned in their goals to drive business success for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs)

We can act as an independent trustee on your EOT board, working alongside fellow trustees to ensure the trust board focuses on their role in oversight and support of the operating board, whilst representing the employees as beneficiaries of the trust.

We share governance best practice in convening board meetings, setting agendas and documenting meetings aligned to the terms of the trust, as well as chairing meetings as a neutral, experienced fiduciary expert. Depending on your appointee, our trustees bring expertise in founder succession, strategic oversight, board mechanics, employee engagement and communication, as well as supporting employee and management representatives through trustee support, training, and mentoring.


Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs)

As your independent trustee we ensure that your EBT meets its fiduciary and legal obligations, keeping focus on the trust and its beneficiaries, without straying into leadership, operations or management.

We recognise the similarities and differences of an EBT versus an EOT, ensuring that the terms of the trust are maintained and effective for the success of the organisation, aligned to the purpose of the structure.


Governance Workshops

Effective governance in an employee-owned business is much broader than the administrative support that a good business administrator or company secretary can provide. It incorporates the organisational structure of the business, particularly the interaction between the board and the trustees, their members and their respective roles and responsibilities. It also accommodates employee participation in business discussions, enabling the company to have a holistic and inclusive framework that gains through input from the wider community.

We work with employee-owned companies to review their organisational framework and build on the benefits of creating employee participation in relevant areas. Focusing on the roles, responsibilities and interaction between the three key areas of operating board, employees and trustees, we work with clients through guided discussion, to ensure understanding of the fundamental structure. Once this understanding is in place, the benefits of employee ownership can be generated through better engagement and participation.

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