Company Meetings Handbook

Company Meetings Handbook

Written by Sue Lawrence

August 5, 2020

Company Meetings Handbook commissioned and published in July 2020 by The Chartered Governance Institute – ICSA

Company Meetings Handbook

Author: Sue Lawrence

ISBN: 9781806728006 | Published: July 2020

The Company Meetings Handbook will act as your ultimate reference point to all things meetings, an area that is more complex than ever in the new working environment we find ourselves in. This book will ensure that these meetings are fully understood and undertaken in the most efficient and valuable manner

Written in a clear, logical manner, it will guide you through the different stages of a meeting, from convening a meeting, to chairing and voting, through to all the necessary post-meeting tasks such as handling the minutes. It’s the perfect book to have to hand to advise you on the various processes involved and to answer any queries you may have.

It offers both highly practical guidance on the running of meetings, as well as a thorough exploration of the governance structures that underpin the law of company meetings. A brand-new title, the book is informed by the latest legislation, regulation and corporate governance codes of practice. What’s more, it contains a section dedicated to technology and virtual meetings, something that’s crucial for organisations to get right in the current situation. Packed full of useful checklists, templates, legal precedents and much more, it’s a resource you will want to own.


Section I – Introduction to Company Meetings in General

1    Introduction

2    The legal framework

3    Meetings in practice

4    Communications and virtual meetings

5    Section 1 Conclusion

Section 2 – Meetings of directors

6    Section 2 Introduction

7    Why and when to hold a meeting of directors

8    How to convene a board meeting

9    At the meeting

10  After the meeting

11   Section 2 Conclusion

Section 3 – General meetings

12    Section 3 Introduction

13    Why and when to hold a general meeting

14    Convening a general meeting

15     At the general meeting

16     After the general meeting

17     Section 3 Conclusion

Section 4 – Other company meetings

18      Section 4 Introduction

19      Class meetings

20      Sole member, sole director and/or sole shareholder meetings

21      Committee meetings

22      Section 4 Conclusion

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